9 Years of Superior Service at JL’s Showroom Detailing

At JL’s Showroom Detailing we’ve made it our mission for the past nine years to treat your vehicle with the highest care, and we make every effort to provide our clients with top-of-the-line customer service. June 1, 2016 marks the start to our 9th year bringing exclusive and professional car care to Brevard County.

We want to thank our clients who have been loyal and supportive throughout the years, and mention we couldn’t have done it without them. Over the years we’ve studied the art of detailing and participating in educational events that allow us to stay current with today’s car care industry, and we plan to continue doing so.

We’ve achieved a lot over the past years including becoming an Opti Coat Pro Certified Installer, and CQUARTZ Finest Certified Installer, along with becoming a part of the Air Force One Detailing Team, and National Mother’s Polished Team Member. We’re proud of our current accomplishments, and the Showroom Detailing Team plans only to achieve more in the years to come.