Advanced Detailer Certification from Detail Mafia

The Detail Mafia is a globally known group of the industry’s top-notch detailers. Each member of the group is trained, certified and exceedingly educated in detailing. JL’s Showroom Detailing’s very own Justin Labato was trained and certified by Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success and is a proud member of the Detail Mafia.

The Detail Mafia’s cutting-edge approach has been setting the pace in the detail industry for a decade, and continues to do so to establish the members as the absolute best within the detailing industry. The Detail Mafia has detailed for prominent clients such as Air Force One, McCall Events at Pebble Beach, National Mother’s Polished Team Member and Mecham Auctions, along with detailing thousands of collector cars, air crafts and motorcycles.

The Detail Mafia’s network of professional detailers have two common traits; highly trained within the art and skill of detail, and certified to the highest standards within the automotive detailing industry. What sets the Detail Mafia’s detailers apart from the crowd is the demanding private instruction courses where each technician’s skills and knowledge are challenged and developed to the highest standard. When you call JL’s Showroom Detailing, a Detail Mafia professional, you’re calling the best of the best within the auto detailing industry.

JL’s Showroom Detailing is a Certified Detailer for the Detail Mafia and our staff showcases what they’ve learned from the Detail Mafia in vehicles they detail. We’re always going above and beyond our competitors and the industry standards.