Ceramic Coating Paint Protection: UV Protection and Preservation

If you’re not familiar with ceramic coating, it’s basically a thick, hard wearing ceramic film layer that provides superior scratch resistance, UV protection and preservation for the factory clear coat on your vehicle. We’re not talking about any old wax or sealant that washes away or breaks down over a short period of time; we’re talking about the real deal and best of the best in paint protection and preservation.


How It Works:

Ceramic Coating bonds with the factory clear coat and becomes a new layer that won’t delaminate. One layer of ceramic coating paint protection can measure up to two microns in thickness, which is unlike any other paint protection product in the market. It’s 100x thicker than a wax coating measuring less than 0.02 microns. What we’re trying to say is this stuff rocks.

Unlike waxes and sealants that have to be reapplied within weeks or months, ceramic coating’s durability lasts years with only one application and the proper maintenance. Ceramic coating delivers the best paint protection the market has to offer and there are warranty options for those who want peace of mind in their vehicle investment.

How We Apply It:

You’re probably wondering, “how would I even apply this stuff?” Don’t worry because our authorized installers at Showroom Detailing will ensure top quality. After removing all surface contaminants, applying the ceramic coating, glossing, polishing and one more application later, your car will be sparkling like new!


Ceramic Coating Paint Protection’s Benefits & Features:

  • Scratch and swirl resistance
  • UV protections
  • Long-term gloss enhancement
  • Protects against bugs and harsh element damage
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easier to clean and more

JL’s Showroom Detailing offers multiple warranty options to suit each customer’s needs.