Headlight Restoration: Get Rid of Those Cloudy Headlights

Are your headlights looking dull, yellowed or cloudy? The headlights are your vehicle’s smile, and you want your smile to look clean and sparkling to enhance your car’s appearance. If your headlights are looking dull, yellow or foggy, JL’s Showroom Detailing removes the dull and yellowed headlights to make them look good as new and enhance night visibility.


Many vehicles today have cloudy and yellowed headlights that are caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our staff can clean, restore, polish and clear those cloudy headlights, taillights and fog lamps with our polishing techniques for maximum visibility.

In the past, replacing clouded or yellowed headlight covers was expensive. Now with JL’s Showroom Detailing headlight restoration systems your car and motorcycle will shine and look good as new, for a fraction of the cost.

Dim and cloudy headlight lenses can lead to reduced visibility, which is putting your and your passengers at risk. It can also limit other drivers from seeing you. Protect yourself and your vehicle while enhancing its overall appearance with our headlight restoration. Besides the benefits of increasing your safety while driving at night or in poor weather, restoring your vehicle’s headlights instantly transforms your car’s appearance! JL’s Showroom Detailing can help you restore your headlights to their proper shine.