Interior Detailing Services: Ensuring Your Car is Spotless from the Inside, Out

Keeping the inside of your car clean can be rather difficult, but don’t worry because the interior detailing team at JL’s Showroom Detailing will ensure your car’s interior will look good as new, and really stand out from what most are used to. JL’s Interior Detailing Services Team has the certified knowledge and understanding of how your vehicle’s interior surfaces can react to chemicals based on age or material.

Our interior detailing services are customary to every vehicle to best fit the profile of proper car care and ease of future up-keep in mind. Some of our interior detailing services include enhancement detail, interior pre-treat, heated extraction shampoo on fabric, upholstery and carpet, European steam cleaning and sanitizing, fabric guard, pet hair removal, stain removal and so much more. For a full list of the interior detailing services at JL’s Showroom Detailing, visit our Interior Detailing Services page.


Don’t worry, the inside of our cars have all been a mess at least once or twice in our lives. Stop by JL’s Showroom Detailing and we’ll have the inside of your car looking as good as new. We don’t expect every client wants their interior taken apart and thoroughly detailed, but we do expect that your high expectations are our entry-level standards.